About me

Hello, I’m Carlijn!

I’m 20 years old and my love for creative activities has been there since I was way younger! People would easily see me drawing or painting (or anything similar honestly) and that drive never really left even now. I’m always trying to improve and keep pushing myself to get where I want to go!

Growing up with animated movies and series I ended up having a strange admiration for that part of art. We used to have many disney and dreamworks movies at home and we would usually watch the extras including the making of! Looking at that made me inspired and finding that work admirable I knew what I wanted

to do later.

I graduated from high school but couldn’t start a new study right away. After a year I didn’t give up on getting a spot in my dream study and eventually got accepted! Now I’m ready to start an exciting first year as an animation student!

I love drawing people and doing quick studies for movements and poses! My sketchbook has some fast creature studies as well and I will always try to use different materials!

I like designing characters, but also love making bigger illustrations. Sometimes for my own or friends’ characters but fanart as well.

I’ll make sure I’m gonna make more new art in the future as well! If you want to contact me for anything, don’t be afraid to send me a message.

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