About me

“Without art the earth would just be: eh”, expresses exactly how I feel about this subject and it’s the reason why I love creating work through a multitude of artistic displays. My name is Yao and as a former Illustration major graduate (from the Willem de Kooning academy) my focus lies with 2D art (Illustrations, concept art, character designs and animations). However, I also know my way around Maya and am able to create 3D artwork if that’s preferred for the job.

I have created concept art before for video game companies and am currently employed by a video game community to create promotional work, illustrations and merchandise. I have a great love for events (conventions, video game viewings and or competitions), the energy I get from attending these drove me to become actively involved with the organization of a national Asian cultural convention. I have therefore decided to join their design team about a year ago.

My other interests and hobbies include gaming, reading, jogging, cooking, badminton and playing the piano ever so often. Most of the fan art I create reflects my taste in games and animation movies/series.

I am always open for questions and inquiries. Small talk about art or games is very welcome as well. Feel free to contact me using the provided e-mail address. As for additional artwork, please check out my personal tumblr portfolio.

Tumblr (yaoran)

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