The Gouden Stronk art collective (literal translation: Golden Trunk) is a small group of young Dutch artists. Starting out as a group of internet friends with like-minded interests, we officially began presenting ourselves as an art collective in 2016.

The artists of the Gouden Stronk have different backgrounds, with some having an official art academy training, while others are self-taught. Moreover, each artist brings their own artstyle and skillset to the table. The resulting products include illustrations, character art, geometric art, comics, and hand-made plushies, as well as pop culture merchandise such as posters, stickers and keychains.

One thing that binds us together, other than our passion for art, is our love for nerdy stuff: games, cartoons, fantasy and role-playing; you name it. They have been great inspirations for our artistic development, and still are to this day. We like to celebrate these interests by going to conventions.

We work both independently and as a group. If you are interested in the art style of one of our artists, feel free to simply shoot them an email. If you are not sure whom to turn to, or may require multiple people, refer to our general contact adress.