About me

Heya, I'm Caro, a neuroscience student who loves to draw.

When I was 12 I started drawing (in hindsight terrible-looking) dragons and from then on you never really saw me without a pencil in hand. I doodle during classes, during phone calls, during train rides. Drawing and painting makes me happy. It’s the one thing I could never give up even if I tried.

Currently I’m 22 years old and slowly improving. I draw ‘traditionally’ (using pencil, ink and fineliners) as well as digitally with a drawing tablet. My artstyle is rather cartoony, although for practice I absolutely do enjoy drawing from life. Content-wise I mainly focus on people, landscapes, fantasy creatures, comics and fanart. At the moment my portfolio is mostly filled with the latter, as I’ve been busying myself with finishing pieces for conventions. Over the years the Gouden Stronk has really helped me forward in my art, pushing me to do better and motivating me always.

Feel free to email me or leave me an ask on my tumblr portfolio!

Tumblr (cjk-art)

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