About me

Hello! My name is Tabitha and ever since I was young, drawing has been one of my hobbies. Over the years I have been trying out different styles and art mediums, figuring out what suits me best. I've always liked clean and simple designs, I guess you could say the quote 'less is more' was written for me! In the last few years I developed a passion for geometric and symmetrical objects and designs so I started experimenting with those aspects in my artwork.

I'm really happy with how my style is unfolding and I'm currently working on a webshop where prints and printed clothing will be available. I've had several canvas commissions and have sold prints on conventions. Though my favourite thing to do always will be bringing my digital designs to life on the canvas.

If you've got a question, are interested in a commission or just want to say hello, feel free to email me!

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