About me

My name is Kirsten, I'm currently doing my master biology in Leiden, where I also live at the moment. Aside from my scientific career approaches, I enjoy practicing different arts. My main focus is on drawing, painting and illustration, but I also pursue my musical interests: I play the violin and piano and I write instrumental songs. I also started writing a fantasy novel some years ago, for which I design my own characters and draw them to get a better feeling of what they look like. It’s so much fun to be able to create an entire world of your own to draw inspiration from!

So far I have done some occasional commissions and collaborated in some small projects. At the moment, I am preparing for promoting and selling fan-made art at different gaming and anime conventions with this art collective. My work includes both original and fan-made art of several shows/games/movies I feel a strong connection to. For traditional media, I mainly use watercolors and acrylics, whereas I tend to use different kinds of software for my digital pieces.

I am currently open for commissions, brainstorming for any short or long term project or just an art related chat. Please contact me via email!

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